Estudié Biología, trabajo armando equipos de trabajo para mejorar sistemas complejos socio-tecnológicos y hacerlos(nos) más sustentables. :)

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Use a git repository for collaboration.

Or do you mean real-time? (there were a few intents for that, time ago…).

Unbelievable… Those that are responsible for this are throwing it to their children and grandchildren…

They could at least put them to use in Earthships.

I still cannot imagine how can anyone happily burden is own children (and it’s children, and it’s children, and it’s children, and all of our children too, up to many many generations) with is own harmful waste.

Also, there is the simple fact of neglecting the opportunity cost: given the amount of labor and money that any of those plants imply, would you invest it into more non renewable, fossil based, highly concentrated sources of energies, or cleaner, diversified, decentralized and renewable ones? In other words, we can ask ourselves this simple question: which of these options will make the world better for our children?

We need dead simple turn key solutions for self hosted services.

Does anyone have experience with FreedomBox? (

It looks very interesting…

Completely true. Electrify everything, make oil companies have producer’s responsibility and we will be almost there. :)

A list of 5 relatively new classic books that have a strong solarpunk background, story of at least, vibes. :) …

Maybe it could use another argument: horizontal or vertical? :)