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I linked this in a top-level comment, but I was also pointed to COAR Notify, which is being built on Linked Data Notifications and is basically intending to do what I was proposing in my post.

Someone on Twitter pointed out the COAR Notify project, which appears to also be based on the Linked Data Notifications standard.

Thank you for the links and further considerations. The OLKI platform looks particularly interesting. Another direction that would be interesting to look into would be if these features could be added to existing platforms such as Open Preprint Systems and it’s journal variant, Open Journal Systems. OPS is relatively new, but it is based on OJS, which I believe is the most widely used journal software.

Federation for Preprint Servers

I’ve been thinking lately about what federation might look like in academic publishing. Publishing of academic research is currently a rather archaic system that serves to exploit the labor of researchers and academics, primarily for the financial gain of a few very large publishers. There have been…