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It’s fun to play with all kinds of distros but when I have to set up a box for the mother-in-law xubuntu is my first choice. Xfce is very low on resources and there is a repo for pretty much anything out there.

Yeah, my AP is not so advanced so until I get a new one which has that capability I’ll just plug my printer to the wired network for now. Good tip to keep in mind though.

Interesting. Sounds like there is a race condition happening in assigning a VLAN ID to that MAC. Or it could simply be that this particular router gives precedence over specific VLAN traffic when trying to resolve conflicts.

Sounds good. Thanks.

Tried to make a community but tells me it already exists. A search for that community does not return any results. Is this a security measure for new users?

Are MAC VLANs secure?

I recently got a decent switch so I decided to setup a VLAN to separate the Wifi traffic from the rest of my network. I setup all packets coming to the port connected to the Access Point to join VLAN 10, which only allows access to the router port. All good, all wireless devices now cannot access …