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Ok, i searched in the xda-developers forum how to unlock the bootloader for xiaomi mi a1 (which is an android one device) and it seems that it doesn’t ask for a key to unlock. You need to enable oem unlock in the developer options and then boot in fastboot mode and simply run a command, doing this you will lose all your data (so you need to backup first)

I don’t know about android one versions but with MIUI it works as described. Enabling the option in android one actually unlock the bootloader? In MIUI you have the option but you also need to create a MI account and use MI unlock tool to actually unlock the bootloader

Rooting a device is not too difficult, but as you said it’s needed to unlock the bootloader: xiaomi allow to unlock the bootloader after you make a MI account and wait some time (generally 2 weeks but may vary), pixel phones and oneplus also allow to unlock the bootloader. Anyway you can search for supported devices in lineageos site: https://download.lineageos.org/ (go to menu to see the supported devices) or you can look at the xda-developers forum to see how to unlock the bootloader of a device: https://forum.xda-developers.com/

In Conversations it sais just: “Remote server timeout”

I’ve just tried with another account and thats worked. The one doesn’t working is disroot.org that has a score of 95% in the compliance checker

I’m facing the same issue with conversations