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  • This has been common in Sweden for decades, I had it in my previous house almost 20 years ago. If I remember correctly it was a 100m borehole. The only limitation is that certain soil/rock environments work better than others, so it’s not suitable for all locations.

    Heated our house in northen Sweden just fine in -20/30C winters.

  • It’s a little unfair to criticise a CS course for not being a SWE course. But I agree that graduating students in CS without having covered the basic requirements in the SWE day job most of them will move into is a disservice.

    I did CS (30 years ago) and things entirely missing in the syllabus back then:

    • any and all soft skills
    • version control
    • refactoring
    • testing and the value of testing
    • staging and replicated environments for raw dev, QA, live, etc

  • I have a lot of sympathy for the writer, and I hate tech interviews.

    However - “I still struggle with simple programming tasks, such as writing a function to determine whether sequence A is a sub-sequence of sequence B” is the kind of failure that would cause me to seriously doubt a candidate in an interview.

    Maybe there is a tech related position (PM, producer, QA, etc) where their skills would be useful and not limiting. I want to believe that.