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Ever? Because that sounds like the same logic victim-blamers use to get victims to stick with their abusers. Isolating yourself from someone is in many cases the absolute best option. So let’s not be hyperbolic.

Being tolerant to the intolerant is a flawed strategy, so much so that it has a name: The paradox of tolerance.

Some people just can’t wrap their heads around anarchy and free agency. Positive freedom - the freedom to control oneself - is definitively not fascist. Negative freedom, the freedom to control others, is freedom prized by fascism. Of course the distinction is lost in society and so bad faith actors and reactionaries attack positive freedom as if it were negative.

Thanks for standing up for liberation amd empathy. Solidarity.

No, it really doesn’t, but go ahead and provide cover for the real fascists by fash-jacketing anarchists.

It’s probably part of an encryption key, or encrypted data itself.

Civilization is collapsing and taking nature with it. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism - from a vegan standpoint and a collapse standpoint. Each human is another consumer and contributes to the destruction. It can’t be helped in this system. So right now we need less not more. And children are being born today that will likely suffer tremendously due to climate collapse in their lives. Even without collapse, more humans means more animal harm. I think those are some of the common ideas.

Any background on this? How you got it, any context?

Sometimes people this repulsive already do a good job isolating themselves into an echo chamber. Maybe just treating him like he’s not someone you want to associate with will inspire others to do the same.

Most people don’t really trust the cops - you might be surprised. The rhetoric that reactionaries like this individual use in debate just muddies the waters and makes it worse (they will sealion, strawman, etc.). Sometimes it’s enough to leave it at “Then why are so many minorities dying in cop interactions while so many white mass-murderers get taken alive? Weird, huh?” and let it be known his statements aren’t a consensus.

You can’t get rid of these social structures by trying to control others’ interactions and perceptions, it just leads to more of the same. Live by example and let it spite them instead. And never let them use your name; if the guy tries to show common ground between the two of you let it be known there isn’t any.