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so the benefit of Threema in this scenario over Whatsapp would only be the clients being open source, and how good that is depends on how much clients actually do

to be fair, the whatsapp apps aren’t open source, right?

I’m not 100% knowledgeable on how that’d work so I can’t say, but I’d always have “why haven’t they open sourced the server?” in the back of my head when using it

I’m already messaging apps that are 100% FOSS – I’d only get interested if Threema did the same tbh

I’m just hoping it’s worded funny. I don’t know what not trusting the server would look like but as long as it’s proprietary I’ll still avoid it

this is fantastic news imo. I can finally actually consider Threema which I haven’t been able to so far because of it being proprietary. consider me interested!

e: I hope they open source everything… servers, clients, etc. if not, this’ll be pointless. I also hope they pick a good license, not something obscure.

"There is no ethical consumption under capitalism!", I scream
as I buy one (1) child slave from a Libyan market What do you *mean* that's "fucked up"??? I can't be held responsible for my actions!

youtube-dl is one of my favourite tools. it works on so many different websites.

fyi, it doesn’t have to only be used via the command line. you can use deemix-pyweb to launch a deemix server, or deemixgui for an Electron “GUI” wrapper if you’d prefer that.

you can download any song (320 kbps mp3, FLAC) from Deezer for free. I use deemix for this.

and r/chapotraphouse2

e: all of the chapo subs bar MTC have been banned, as far as I can tell