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Ah ha, that explains a lot actually. I just realize how ignorant I’m about how power plants(and many other factories) were built before I was born and still running well today. And how costly it could be to upgrade them altogether.

Because emails can be threaded? So it can be used as some kind of ticketing system. Newcomers can easily catch up too.

Chinese molten-salt reactor cleared for start up
This could be big, safe and easy nuclear power is vital to fight climate change and environment crisis.

You know what, Pelosi gave China a reason to do everything around and beyond Taiwan. Next thing we know could be Chinese warships hanging around Okinawa US-Japanese military base, talk about cutting sausages.

If elon musk wants twitter he could just host an instance of mastodon, surely he can afford a server with decent compute power and bandwidth.

oh well, I guess he doesn’t want twitter after all. What a shit show.

“Because after all, we’re evil. Thanks for coming to my TED talk” – Google CEO, probably

I saw this the other day but couldn’t really understand how it works:( Using mail list in 2022 seems a bit … unintuitive?

also I’d love to be educated about equivalents to issues/PRs in sourcehut cuz I’m thinking about shifting away from github too:)

US would never pick a fight with Russia/China. What they’ve been doing is much more passive aggressive. By bring NATO around Russia/China, US brings a ton of pressure with a reasonable cost. Militarily it’s not much a threat, it’s just super annoying for Russia/China, warning Japan/S.Korea/India/Europe to not side with them.

China and Russia are much better off economically than the west.

I am not sure about this though. I think the the most important economy conflict/race right now, is the west shifting away from Chinese products, and China stepping into the irreplaceable high-tech industry which would make that shift-away impossible. Both would take years and I don’t see a winning side yet. Japan/Europe/India would be wise to side with both sides but US is obviously not happy about that.

As much as I admire your optimism, I don’t think we’re there yet; Russian and China are facing serious economic situations now, any more pressure applied to it might cause a serious chain reaction(which the west would love to see).

I love more GPU competition but I have doubt though. How did they manage to design, validate, tape out the chip and write windows/linux driver in less than 2 years?

I hope FSR 2.0 would make this game more playable on the deck.

Redengine isn’t really that bad after all these revisions and updates. What a waste of man-hour