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  • Basic logic. Third parties aren’t viable in American presidential elections because of the spoiler effect present in our FPTP system. That means that you’re happy to say you’re voting third party because 1. You don’t understand this basic fact 2. You do understand this basic fact, but it doesn’t bother you because enabling the fascist voting block by throwing your vote away pleases you. 1 is self-explanatory, 2 is explained by either being a fascist yourself, or by being masochistically pleased by enabling fascists against your interests.

    Being an actual socialist, who is against fascism, is incompatible with voting third party. Which means you either don’t understand the electoral system (ignorant) or you do but you’re enabling the fascist genocide accelerationists anyway (counterproductive).

    Once again, splitting the vote to try to “teach the Democrats a lesson” is precisely what the Republicans want, since it increases their chances of winning. Another thing the Republicans want, once they win, is to wipe Palestine off the face of the earth, which is objectively worse for Palestinians (total-genocide) than Democrats (historic status quo of mild genocide). Total casualties are presently a relatively small proportion of Palestinians, that proportion will increase significantly under the MAGA administration.

    MAGA increases genocide, splitting left vote to third party enables MAGA. Voting third party is counterproductive to fighting Palestinian genocide, Q.E.D.

    Whose alt account are you? Don’t you get your pay docked for being this obvious?

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    The billionaire space race does benefit us. Also billionaires should be taxed much higher. Also billionaires shouldn’t exist because workers should receive a fair proportional percentage of their companies’ profits, not just flat wages. Multiple things can be true.

  • There you go. Harm reduction, was that so hard? Genocide is absolutely involved, factory farms are horrifying cesspools of daily genocide uniformly supported by both sides , but you don’t care because it’s not topical. And Russia isn’t paying you to push vegetarianism.

    When one bad thing is way worse than the other, you choose the less bad one. Biden enables genocide, Trump accelerates it. It’s really simple when you actually care more about people’s lives than virtue signaling. Which option leads to less suffering, choose that one. As bad a Biden is for Palestine, Trump is worse.

  • No, they’re not all dead, because Biden is at least putting some slight pressure on them. How difficult is it to get through your toddler level of object permanence that Trump fully supports this genocide and wants Israel to finish it. If Biden loses, then yes all the Palestinians will be dead. Peddle your Russian troll farm genocide accelerationism someplace else. I know you want to see Palestine and Ukraine glassed, but some of us actually have empathy beyond political performative idealism.

    Answer the question or go back to middle school with the other kiddies.

  • I’m not increasing shit.

    Bullshit. The choice is shitty, but it’s your choice to make.

    Answer my original question:

    You’re at a work retreat for a month, and management is taking a vote on what to get for food. Word is that everyone else is about 50/50 split between BBQ ribs, and pepperoni pizza. You’re a vegetarian, what you’d really like is Indian food, but the only ones interested are a handful of other vegetarians. If ribs win, you starve, if pizza wins, you spend the next month picking off pepperonis. How do you vote?

  • No-genocide hasn’t been on the ballot for many, many years. Turns out, the voters who feel strongly enough about this particular genocide for it to affect their vote are a fairly small fraction with characteristically low turnout anyway. Sadly, not really worth actively pursuing as a candidate.

    Your choices are between measured diplomatic tolerance of genocide, and enthusiastic acceleration of genocide (with a couple other genocides thrown in too). It’s a close race. No genocide doesn’t have a chance, and voting no genocide increases the odds of enthusiastic acceleration of genocide.