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  • Don’t fuss about resources, many players (myself included) are happy to take a new guy on for missions and are often looking for crew members.

    You can ask in chat if someone has a specific ship that they are willing to call for you or if someone does a specific gameplay loop and is in need of a pair of hands. For example miners often look for ppl. be it as miner or scout.

    I am deeply in love with Orision and thus recommend the crusader system security forces as a good starting point. A couple of missions and you should be able to do the ‘liberation / defend’ missions on the planet where you fly to them living platforms to stop a raid on Orision. There a bunch of boxes with food and drinks if you don’t like buying that and you can take the npcs weapons and armor. Each mission is also decent pay imo.

    I can’t offer much advice in terms of using the sticks. Better in combat, tbh do a bunch of bounty hunter missions and just go blow (npc) ships up. Alternatively join events like jump town. There is always some form of pvp going on that trains you.

  • Fermi paradox ist: es gibt so viele Galaxien, Sterne und Planeten in der Goldilocks Zone dessen, und das Universum ist so unglaublich alt das selbst bei einer minimalen Chance auf leben es tausende Planeten mit leben geben müsste bzw. gegeben hat, aber wir finden keines.

    Was du meinst ist die ‘Great Filter’ Theorie, das es gewisse Filter gibt die alle Zivilisationen / das Leben durch gehen muss. Da gibts mehrere Ansätze. Wir haben einen oder mehrere vielleicht auch den einzigen Filter hinter uns, sind also die ersten die es geschafft haben. Deswegen keine Aliens. Oder aber es gibt einen oder mehrere Filter noch vor uns, was halt schlecht ist für uns weil wir noch kein Leben gefunden haben im All scheint der kommende Filter nicht zu überwinden zu sein.

  • I have not played the second part yet, only the first, however, I know that you should aim for living and shopping to be close by, best with some of the mixed used buildings. Then Industrie not too far away and downwind. Then set up public transport. A bus line that only serves living, or only runs in the industry sector is unhelpful if they never meet anywhere. People want to go from living to commercial and industry. Create alternatives to cars. Create foot paths and bike lane shortcuts.

    Have an eye on the intersections, do you have traffic lights were a give way sign would be better? Do you follow the road hierarchy artery roads - collector/ distributor roads and then local roads? The higher up the fewer intersections you want on the road.

  • I’d pick one or two obviously bad guys, the rumoured / infamous necromancer said to live somewhere in the borderlands in a swampy place. Potentially a former battle field where there was some calamity wiping out both armies. The calamity was brought by the city in question. He survived the onslaught and swore revenge.

    Maybe a misguided(?) protector of the forest, the town gets rich by exploiting the nearby hills and mountains for their natural resources and they back and slash away at the ancient forest to fuel the mines.

    A local noble, was ousted from the city council, had titles revoked and is forced to live in exile. Maybe the noble deserved it maybe not, maybe the Nobel was framed for committing treason, since everyone thinks they are a traitor they might as well show the city what they could really do.

    I would not make them all obviously bad guys that gives it more mystery.