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Huzzah, thank you TILvids Lemmy community for your continued support and engagement!

Hi, I’m not @the_tech_beast@lemmy.ml They do an awesome job managing the Lemmy community over here because I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it. I’m the person that started and runs TILvids. I wanted to be supportive of the Lemmy community, but didn’t have time to run yet another social media platform. @the_tech_beast@lemmy.ml stepped up and offered to manage and post here, which I was happy to take them up on.

Thanks for being a great community, and for your interest in TILvids! Really appreciate the support, hope you’re enjoying it!

Thank you for the work you do here! I love supporting Lemmy but just flat-out don’t have time to run another community. That said, like you mentioned, the engagement over here is much better than Reddit, which is awesome to see. Very happy people are active over here!

Sorry, I do the uploading for TheLinuxExperiment on TILvids, and it just pulls in whatever he has for the description. I’m guessing it formats it a lot better on TILvids/YT, but somewhere along the way it’s lost in translation when it comes to Lemmy!

Good question! Personally, I don’t think our community is large enough on TILvids yet to make commenting active enough. People come to Lemmy specifically to discuss, and that’s cool. Maybe something to consider down the road as the TILvids community grows.

Thanks to everyone joining us from Lemmy, much more engagement here than on Reddit! You guys rock!

I’ve been in the Linux community for a long time, and I’ve learned two truths:

  1. Change comes slowly.
  2. But it does eventually come.

Linux was so hard to use 20 years ago. 10 years ago it was better, but still behind. Today, it’s really nice to use, with a few constraints. I am pretty optimistic about the next 10 years for Linux.

It was a good week. Both creators join us after fallout from Odysee making some rather toxic posts on social media that were not well-received by some creators. We’re happy to have them join us!

It was a good article. I thought it was important to share, because there is so much nonsense going around about “the next evolution of the Internet” being the metaverse or crypto, all of which are just big tech or VC interests trying to capture and create more walled-gardens on the Internet.

The next evolution of the Internet needs to be decentralization and small social communities, none of which should be driven by targeted ads.

They are! I clear out a LOT of junk (like, probably 5+ per day) but they are still rising. Very good trend for sure! :)

Facebook’s walled-garden interpretation of the Internet is about the worst thing you could possibly imagine.

I definitely think it’s an improvement to a long-neglected part of Gnome!