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  • The article says that the Ministry has suggested students use other programs, so it sounds like it’s just something students often use rather than something that’s actually required. I’ve not been in school for a long time, but I am doing a distance learning course and when I had to submit some written stuff I definitely found it more comfortable to type it up in an actual word processor than the web platform that only showed about a paragraph at a time, so I did that and then copied it to the web platform.

  • They’re only struggling because the West is arming Ukraine. The Ukrainians fought hard from day one, but they’d have been overrun and at best operating a guerilla campaign without being given heaps of equipment. Look what has happened while America stopped sending stuff over, and’s while Europe was still sending stuff. Europe’s arms industry is substantial, pretty much on par with the US in terms of value exported, but it’s lacking things like the ability to supply an artillery war like the one going on in Ukraine. Since the US doesn’t seem to be very reliable, Europe is gonna have to cover that base itself if it wants to be able to deter actions like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • One thing that changes the dynamic substantially is that we don’t have the same balance of power between the two houses of the legislature. Whatever the failings of our system, and there are many, the issue where the executive can’t do anything without capitulating to a house of the legislature controlled by the opposition doesn’t happen outside of unusual circumstances. As such we can probably expect Labour to at least generally follow through on opposing any Conservative policies that they currently oppose.

    That does leave the issue of policies that they do agree with the Conservatives on. I’m certainly not expecting the UK to become some kind of utopia under Labour. We can probably at least expect things like the relentless demonisation of trans people and asylum seekers to reduce significantly, both of which are the subjects of recently-passed Conservative legislation. Whether or not they can improve the lives of the average person outside of those groups remains to be seen; the Tories have not left them with a good economic situation to work with, and I haven’t seen any solid plans for anything that seems like it operates on a sufficiently large scale to make a big difference. I hope that they’ll do some measure of re-integration with the EEA, which would help a great deal, but I’m filing that under “plausible hope” rather than “likely”. We almost certainly won’t see Labour withdraw us from the ECHR, which the Tories look more and more likely to do with each passing day.

    So… yes and no. There are reasons to be pessimistic. There are also reasons to look forward to it. It’s too reductionist to see it as a binary situation.