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I live in a very horrible country where discussion of semantics lead to the most kafkaesque of issues unfortunately (and get in the way of organising).

“There was no way to see it coming. Of course you’re trying to sound smart because you have hindsight but it was impossible to predict.”


Is there any way to move an account from one instance to another? Just don’t want to recreate my feed. Or at least an easy way of exporting the subscription list or something.

Fully agree on the issue of recognition, often a point of debate among my local wobblies.

I mean… I know the most demented Ukraine flag shaggers will never admit it, but you don’t wage an actual war to fight a country the geogrpahical size of Ukraine with 150-175k soldiers, no. Even if Ukraine had no army whatsoever, that wouldn’t cut it. Are you American? Because having no conception of the size of a country sounds American.

So basically Russia needs a pause to be able to withstand this.

With the withdrawals, isn’t that exactly what it looks like?

Honestly that’s more embarrassing than anything else, it’s just that Ukraine is lucky to be facing 0 scrutiny from anyone (on purpose).

With the amount of money they’ve received, the amount and quality of weapons, the intelligence they’re getting, the foreign expert special forces they’re getting, it’s just inconceivable they haven’t retaken the whole of Ukraine in all that time. They also outnumner the Russian troops 1 to 4 at least.

So either they’re the most incompetent army in the world (we know they’re not, if anything, they’re the most battle hardened) or more obviously: there is a massive corruption problem in Ukraine (not anything new) that means that the money and the hardware aren’t getting where they’re supposed to be.

And for all the Ukraine flag shaggers out there: do you see the issue now? That armament is going to end up in the wild and unlike in Afghanistan, the US will have neither the will nor the power to retrieve it. That money? It’s going to end up - as expected - in the pockets of already well funded and established far right and nazi groups. Well done. Unless it was the intention from the start, I don’t know.

Did you think ISIS was bad? You ain’t seen shit my dude. You’re about to get ISIS except backed by a powerful government equipped with the most lethal and modern equipment out there that will be able to deny you air superiority, with more military experience than any other army in the 21st century.

They were completely overwhelmed in Kharkiv and did not plan this.

lol, you quoting the same dumbass osint twitter people isn’t convincing anyone of anything other than you aren’t grounded in reality.

HIMARS is the reason Russian logistics are completely fucked in Kherson.

In the same way you lot have been swearing up and down every week since March that Russia has 3 days worth left of missiles. It’s been a long 3 days.

It’s also questionable how many of those are still left.

What was I saying.

So in Russias hands they do have strategic impact? Also please tell me the name.

Love how you specifically removed the number right there. Yes, “hundreds” to “12” is a very big strategic difference.

In any case, death to nazis, whether russian or ukrainian. But for some reason, the Ukrainian ones are getting billions of dollars worth of equipment, so I guess those ones are OK.

So far there is zero evidence that HIMARS have made any strategic impact on combat.

We were told HIMARS were the solution that was going to end the entire Russian contingent and so far, they just keep trying to hit the same bridge to destroy it and they still haven’t managed to do it. So either it’s not the magic weapon it’s made out to be, or it’s just not the magic weapon it’s made out to be.

What did they gain in the last two months? Pisky?

Funny how this time you don’t mention how hard Ukraine has been fighting to keep it?

I expect Russia will consolidate its gains in Kherson and Donbas before looking at taking Kharkov.

This. People who are rejoicing because their favourite twitter osint god has explained to them that Ukraine is taking Moscow tomorrow hasn’t watched the beginning of the war (2014 for the youngin’) and how it’s gone out.

I guess being an osint specialist just wasn’t fashionable and didn’t get you enough likes in 2014.

Why don’t they give out the methodology for authentification? Would be useful to everyone and would allow everyone to confirm the veracity and get outraged (because it’s real so surely you wouldn’t want to leave any doubt, right???).

Pretty good article but how spread a population is shouldn’t really matter. You don’t put a price on people. You also invest in public infrastructures because they’re necessary. Especially when you can just shell out a trillion a year on weapons.

Le Twittereur: Akshully, I think you’ll find out that according to deboonker Bellingcat, according to the exif data of the photo, he’s just stolen that chid’s food tray because he likes to watch children as they starve to death while crying (it’s heavily documented, do your own research). Nice socialism you have there, tankie. 4 pinocchios, dear sir.

Whataboutism isn’t necessarily wrong. it’s literally pointing out that something else (just as bad or wose) happened.

Having “whataboutism” as a sole argument however is a clear sign you’ve got nothing interesting or any strong argument to add. It’s pretty much an admission the other party is right but you want the last word with a snarky one-liner. Have the last word if that makes you feel better, I’m still right.

And yes, when you want to pretend like you’re a paragon of virtue, I should expect you to be an actual model to follow instead of pointing out that “Russia has prisons”. The entire article is literally whataboutism, mate.

You’ve been posting articles that are nothing but fake news, why do you suddenly care, seemingly out of nowhere?

That first sentence is hilariously ignorant and says a lot about your, idk, knowledge of history? Log off twitter and forget about learning history from blue ticks.

Your second one, you’ll find a lot of Ukrainians doing the exact same, Americans doing the exact same thing, hell, I have 0 doubt you’ve done the same about Russian soldiers (you look at Russians as subhumans, I have no doubt that depending on which rung on the ladder an ethnicity is, you’ve probably celebrated some nasty stuff).

As for the racism of your last bit, I have no more question about the type of person you are.

Yes, because Russia hasn’t taken Ukraine, but they’re about to take a NATO country? It’s 2022, you’re not occupying a country the size of Ukraine let alone 2 countries the size of Ukraine and Poland.

Once again, log off twitter and go outside take a deep breath, you’ll feel better. And if you’re really Polish, look into what the Nazis did to your people and stop supporting them and their ideology because it never ends well (whether due to infighting or just being a nazi at all).

It is extremely interesting the number of posts that you are making about a very targeted and particular topic. It’s very interesting indeed.

Fuck that Russian guy, however. But the way this has been treated by the libs or western media in general is very, very telling.