IWW and syndicalism

So....... back to striking it is (yes, I'm back btw).

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) says it’s 55,000 members will go on strike regardless of the government’s legislation in an open act of defiance.
Ontario government response: https://nitter.it/ColinDMello/status/1587142154001973248 >Government now says: CUPE members would face fines of upto $4,000 per day -- which would cost the union $250-mill per day. > >While the org would face a daily $500,000 fine.

IWW and syndicalism
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    Community for union related stuff, with focus on the IWW.

    A good telegram group to join (I do not own it, I don’t take responsibility for what you’ll find there): https://t.me/AnarchoSyndicat

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