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  • I use a T460 as my daily in the living room.

    Mine has an internal battery as well as a removable, large removable is a beast, literally lasts me all day and this machine is like 2017 or so. Backlit.keyboard. not sure they all have it but mine has a sim card slot and wan card built.l in. So internet is easy on a data only sim without tethering. Those wan cards are cheap too if it doesn’t come with.

    BIOS has TPM and all that so its easy to secure. Also handles virtual machines well (supports vtx, vtd, Intel text, or and iommu - hyperthreading etc). Typically lenovos T series always have these. I expect most people having issues probably don’t set the BIOS options correctly. Efi supported as expected. Passes all the requirements for w11 if thats your jam. The machine is solid.

    I run fedora 39 with sway/hyprland/KDE options. Installed from ‘fedora anything’ image was a breeze via usb. saying that, the only real hindrance these days is lack of usb3.0. So installing from USB is alright the once, but use network for transfers instead of usb sticks if you can.

    Resuming from standby isn’t an issue on fedora or arch but it was on debian. If you have any issues, you can send me a PM. The resume from standby issue on Debian was the only thing I never solved reliably.

    Oh has ddr3, but those sticks are cheap so you can throw in dual 8gb sodimms for less than 50quid/Euros. I’m sure it’ll take 32gb (dual 16gbs) but I haven’t bothered. I’m running 1600mhz sticks, but it should support up to 2133mhz sticks… have a 1tB ssd slotted in for under 100.