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“Digitisation efforts in Bratislava were supported by the Bloomberg Philantropies network which helped the working team to apply agile and design thinking techniques throughout the process, based on the experience of working with other cities. Additionally, Bratislava’s mayor participated in two dedicated programs, and contacts were made with other cities in the United States and Europe such as Budapest, Prague, Vilnius, Amsterdam and London.”


Some pubs have invite codes listed on this page. A pub is just like any other peer in the scuttlebutt network, that replicates feeds to other peers, except it also (generally): is always online, has a public ip address, offers invite codes.

An invite code looks something like this: foo.bar.co.nz:8009:@6lOh+rLq4MQubPQoKenbB827dh5NVc2FAjy30MTc08o=.ed25519~93RP4aT6YNm+7++Ab3VQd+w/CL2w6p8QuX7fRaUs9cY=