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  • NovaPrimetoUnited States | News & PoliticsDemocrats
    4 days ago

    Fascinating that you insist on marginalizing and othering individuals you’ve never met using the same prejudiced language you claim to be against. You’re just perpetuating the class divide and allowing those with actual power and influence to further keep you powerless by preemptively disavowing coalitions that don’t pass a racial purity test.

  • Going through a breakup after a 7 year relationship in my early 30s which turned my life upside down (but ultimately led me to where I am now).

    Right after I became homeless, went in and out of the hospital, went through a dark period as an active drug abuser and addict, walked out on an established, high paying profession and career, moved 1200 miles away from a city I loved, gave up on humanity and myself…etc.

    But ultimately I see now that as hard as that period was, it got me to where I am today, and I would do it all over again to be where I am now: married to my best friend, father to the brightest, most joyful baby in the whole world, hitting my stride as a trusted advisor and recognized leader in an entirely different career field, living in a place I adore, in my own house that im fortunate enough to be able to afford all by myself, making art, music, and delicious food every single day, and most of all having faith in myself as an individual for the first time ever.

    That experience, as dark as it was, taught me that not only can I survive anything that doesn’t actually kill me physically, but I can thrive in any environment and circumstance if I so choose.

  • NovaPrimetoMemesJust use Firefox
    7 days ago

    100% feel you on the overall sentiment. I’ve reached an age these days where I don’t do anything other than work stuff on work equipment, which not only helps re-enforce the work/life segmentation, but also absolves me of having to worry about and be responsible for stuff like this. Gotta say, it’s very nice for mental health and sanity