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An app launcher is basically your homescreen on an android smartphone. They are different in design and have sometimes different features like the KISS Launcher which has a search bar and doesn’t have any apps on the page itself. If you have an android smartphone you can just try one and see if it feels better to you. I really enjoy the KISS Launcher too

It looks like you can read every deleted comment.

I think its worse than that… Was your comment “test”?

How to use the CAGED system

If you want to learn more about the fretboard and how notes align. It’s a really nice and well-made video. …

This is a website I found which collects various free fingerstyle tabs. Most of them are pretty good, but they can be quite hard, so learn them step by step…

Yes, but it looked inactive with only two posts, both 4 months old. Also I wanted a community around acoustic guitars and acoustic songs, because the play style is very different to a electric and most people focus on one of them. So they don’t have to sort through the post that don’t interest them.

Take Me Home Country Roads

A great beginner song and very fun to play with friends and sing along. …

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day | Song Lesson

A great beginner song and one of my all time favourite songs to play. …

Many respond with specific issues, but for me it’s just the federated structure. For non tech persons this may be a difficult concept to grasp and even though I programm a lot, some things got me confused, because I’ve never used anything like it. List for readability:

  • if I remember correctly I had to choose one instance for my account. (I had no idea if I get any restrictions depending on what instance I choose)
  • How can I visit or follow another instance and more importantly where can I find a list of instances? (I am using lemmur, but this may be a general point of confusion)

Maybe I missed some obvious things, but a getting started video would be great :)