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  • LaggyKar@programming.devtoLinuxVLC Player
    14 days ago

    I used to use it, but then I switched to MPV, as it works a lot better with hardware acceleration. MPV supports more methods for hardware decoding (e.g. nvdec), and also MPV will keep the frames in VRAM when doing hardware decoding, and do additional processing and presentation using the GPU, while VLC copies everything back to system RAM and processes the frame on the CPU.

    At the time I switched hardware decoding with copy-back would actually result in twice the CPU usage compared to software decoding, but that was a long time ago. Also, I would get tearing in VLC and not in MPV.

  • Already daily driving it on my laptop, which uses AMD graphics, and my work laptop, which uses Intel graphics. For Nvidia, there’s missing explicit sync (which should be fixed soon), and Steam completely freaking out (might get fixed by explicit sync). Kwin also seems a bit unstable on Nvidia, but I haven’t tested it for extended periods of time.

    I also have a computer with display on an Nvidia card via reverse prime, which suffers performance issues on Wayland. Might be improved on Plasma 6, but that computer runs OpenSUSE Leap, so it won’t get that for some time.

    There is also the issue of picture-in-picture, but that can be worked around with Kwin rules.