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  • When using the English word ‘floor’ counting ground floor as ‘first floor’ makes sense – ground level still has a floor and it is the first one, but it is still counted differently in different English-speaking countries. Other languages (at least Polish) have separate word for ‘non-ground level of the building’ so those are counted.

    In Polish we have the word ‘parter’ for the ground floor (lowest non-basement level of the building) and ‘piętro’ for any level above it. So it is: (‘piwnica’ (basement), ) ‘parter’, ‘1 piętro’, ‘2 piętro’… This makes complete sense… but I still remember it being confusing when I was a kid. A ‘floor’ (the bottom of a room) is ‘podłoga’.

    So, answering the question: there are three ‘podłogas’ under the second ‘piętro’ here.

  • Also not a fan of #16 since it sounds to me like forced labour for the poor

    That is how actually that worked in some (if not all) communist countries. No unemployment, but people (mostly those ‘undesirable’ for various reasons) would be sent to hard work in bad conditions, which would often cost their health or life. The other side of the coin was: everybody had a job and little fear of losing it, so people rarely treated the work seriously enough. There were factories full of workers, but so inefficient, that nothing was produced in sufficient demand. People had money, but little to buy with it.