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If your god got it right For once in her life I wouldn’t need words To convince you tonight I wouldn’t need hands To trace supple curve I’d bend and then blend Every sinew and nerve My mind would be yours My will would be known Marrow would melt And bleed out of bone Our sky would be scarlet Our ground would be gray The wolves in our night Would be held at bay Love would be legion Wars would be won The poison you drank Would now be undone If your god could see us As we are today She’d be the one Kneeling to pray

Vermillion Red
Ink on our map won't change. The way I cock my head will. While I look for us amongst the topography. How upside down will you hold my world for me today. What may come from conclusions drawn atop crooked necks. Spin the wheel with me. Make believe culpability belongs here because choice used to. When the floor gets damp what else might I expect from you? You grow gills when the wind gets wet. You breathe fire in the softest way. You lit a cigarette sunset to make vermillion red. Show me the angles. Teach me the turns. First the wrong ones and then the rest. Tell me how I'll be the one teaching you at the end. I'll pave right through dead ends to make the turns you're sure are right. I don't recall how long I've known you. I can tell you in my sleep how long we've loved. I'll slip from our bed at night only to murder doubt and bludgeon hope. My hands are clean and gentle come to rest on your hips again. That blood will stick to any hands but ours. My lips can be yours. My earlobes and my mustache too. My middle toes and my mouth and the rest of my foot to boot. I'd like that. When I'm yours, I am yours alone. When I am with you, I am nowhere else. Without you I'm nowhere now. But I know the map and my way will be made back.

Remind me once more What a man is for So I know what to forget Build with me a bonfire The bones are here but brittle We are each just a set of impressions Made and had Paper soldiers Biding time on the back page Burn not the effigy When the blood you spilled Was for the man in me The little lives you traded For the one we couldn’t make Paint a picture of a lonely life I can't make due with holy Having trafficked in sin I'll not settle for silence When I've earned an amen

It does. Free. You’ll want a browser that is capable at translating. Chrome works fine.

Magazine. Business trends tech design. Didn’t come out very often. Been around since the 90s I believe

right on, sounds vaguely familiar. You have good experience with them being a source for clean APKs?

yeahhhhh…new here and didnt realize the post date on the piece I was responding to. So, down with slur filter!! :) Oh well.

Agreed about mobilism and the native android app they put out is actually quite nice. Better than mobilism however is 4pda

Big +1 for 4pda but not actually true about the captcha being prohibitive for non Russian speakers. There is a check box when you sign up/login that says something like I can’t complete this and they email you a link that gets you right in

New to Lemmy and the decentralized realm in general but really appreciate the work you’ve done here and the community thats been cultivated. As a long time Reddit Mod I have to say while I’m pretty anti content filtering in general…bravo to the slur verboten list. It is as you say a net positive for reasonable minded non hateful people. As long as the code is open source I’m fully behind it.