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  2. Click on “Reply with quote” icon

Also Search is not working

Other Source: https://news.yahoo.com/youtube-rival-rumble-suing-google-115216571.html? https://justthenews.com/government/courts-law/rumble-jungle-court-orders-google-turn-over-docs-choking-free-speech

idk, My Physics teacher used to say that earlier there were small groups of 2 to 3 people which used to hunt animals and collect food only for them. One day, one person(whom people call the God or the God’s messenger) came and realize the importance of unifying all this group into one group(religion). For this the person used many manipulative tactics and fake incident to make people believe that if they follow my religion they will be able to survive these wild animals and as wild animals would not dare to attack a larger group, the attack on them decrease which make there follower believe the God has some mystical power. Later these followers were sent to convince other group to be part of their religion and so religion was spread.

True. Earlier when society were not organized, and science had not evolved religion was necessary. Earlier religion were used to keep people together so that they can fight natural calamities and also hunt wild animals. But later when society start organizing and start communicating with other society, this religious people who came to power, started corrupted their religion by illogical rules and their original motive to survive was changed to dominate other.

Atheist understands that you should respect every religion while religious people always hate other religion and also their own people who want some freedom that’s the reason we have less crime rate(atleast in terms of hate crime).

Also keyring is not a part of Veracrypt but a part of linux itself. It’s a database containing your login information. It’s shipped so that to every software does not need to reinvent code to just save your login info.

It’s because Android is more secure and each apps file access is sandboxed while in Ubuntu any app can access any file. Veracypt may be storing a private key(created during first run) to encrypt config file. Try clicking on cancel when it asks computer password and you will find you will have limited access to your app data(the app may not even open).

Veracypt is asking for computer password because your keyring is not unlocked. Keyring is a security feature which keeps your ssh, GPG keys and keys from applications that use this feature, like Chromium safe.

Its not recommended to disable keyring as its a security feature

Open the Password and Keys application from the menu.
Right Click on Login -> Change Password
When it asks to change the password, don’t enter a new password and hit Continue instead. This will remove any password from the keyring

Source: https://itsfoss.com/ubuntu-keyring/