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I was about to suggest Atom to avoid MS and VSCode, but then I realised Atom is made by… GitHub… and GitHub is owned by… Microsoft…

Shouldn’t it be painfully apparent that implementing standards in existing software should be a win-win for everybody?

I don’t think it’s apparent. Customers would sure appreciate this specific case, and many developers, but I can imagine Facebook not wanting people to message from WhatsApp to Telegram. If a company’s strategy is to get as many people as possible on their platforms, being open isn’t going to do them good.

I’ve already been using exa (though I wasn’t aware it was made in Rust). Have it aliased to “ls” 😀 bat seems interesting, some files are really better to read with syntax highlighting.

I am quite interested in nushell, might have a look.

I guess this goes to show that sometimes it is good to reinvent the wheel