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  • We have both… But having experienced migraines from american mountain dew, our idea of it is hampered by pesky things like banned additives.

    On the upside I now don’t drink the UK edition as it tastes watered down in comparison! :)

    Can’t vouch for cheetos as it’s been a while, but they exist here at least :)

  • I can second this! For me it meant that I could finish my game of modded fallout new vegas, and connect to my work’s microsoft vpn nonsense (IT support didn’t fancy trying it on Mint but that’s another story!)

    I now have a personal OS that I like, and a windows partition for those few things that I can’t be bothered to troubleshoot.

    So far the list is just those things and the Unity Engine as Visual Studio debugs better than code in my experience. :)

    Having the option to flick back is great :) In the XP days, I loved the WUBI(?) tool that let you install ubuntu dual boot as an exe, but I think that’s not a thing these days., :)