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  • its the job of the Government to fund things thats not profitable in a market sense. bringing in private sector is the major mistake.

    however, such things can’t happen in a neoliberal shitholes like Australia.

    also, ‘taxpayer’ is a silly term (not just from mmt perspective) but because it implies that those who don’t pay taxes (or only pay consumption taxes) don’t contribute anything to the country, which is bullshit. some people get more back from the Government in form of subsidies than they pay in taxes but that doesn’t mean they don’t contribute with the work that they do. besides, even if someone isn’t working (eg. disabled) it doesn’t mean they are worthless and their opinion shouldn’t count, every adult citizen has the right to vote in bourgeois democracies.

    cw: nazi propaganda

    “This person who suffers a hereditary disease has a lifelong cost of 60,000 Reichsmarks to the National Community. Fellow German, that is your money as well.”