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  • Ahh, woah, I never thought about the huge address space would affect network scans and such.

    With NAT on IPv4 I set up port forwarding at my router. Where would I set up the IPv6 equivalent?

    I guess assumptions I have at the moment are that my router is a designated appliance for networking concerns and doing all the config there makes sense, and secondly any client device to be possibly misconfigured. Or worse, it was properly configured by me but then the OS vendor pushed an update and now it’s misconfigured again.

  • Maybe I have Stockholm Syndrome, but I like NAT. It’s like, due to the flaws of IPv4 we basically accidentally get subnets segmented off, no listening ports, have to explicitly configure port forwarding to be able to listen for connections, which kinda implies you know what you’re doing (ssshh don’t talk about UPnP). Accidental security of a default deny policy even without any firewalls configured. Haha. I’m still getting into this stuff though, please feel free to enlighten me

  • That’s really moving, OP. I’ve had similar feelings before, discovering (or merely even noticing) the finished result of someone’s labor of love - someone who was no longer in the world.

    My grandfather’s homelab and media setup was, and timelessly now is (since I backed up disk images of some of his computers) like this to me. Despite my years of my own joyous tinkering, in many ways his setup still eclipses mine. “Self hosting” wasn’t really a thing yet when he was doing all this, since we hadn’t yet moved to a highly web-centric, SAAS-dominated world, but he’d have been super into it. What’s left of his computers are now quietly falling into disrepair. But at least I have some of the data. He’s been gone over a decade, still miss him.