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I was just wondering the other day if this was how federation here already worked or not. It seems to make the most sense for how most pople would probably be using lemmy, and I imagine it would make the fediverse a bit more accessible

That’s not surprising but the puppy icon is worth it I think, it’s not Nazis are going to use it less if other people stop using it

I’ve only ever used Tusky or something derived from it (Husky is basically the same thing but more orange and cuter)

I personally don’t really mind it, if I see something in another language I’ll usually just scroll past it, maybe checking in on the comments to see if anyone’s offering a translation. Maybe in the future there can be some kind of language filter if you really don’t want to see non-english posts for whatever reason

I know for me personally it was the first distro I used, though I never really liked most of the experience. It just happened to be the one that most people point to as the “beginner” version of Linux. It wasn’t until I found out about Mint that I started using my Linux laptop as an actual computer rather than an old laptop that I installed Linux on.