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  • I am sooooo fucking sick and tired of people touting out that tired cliché to defend capitalists…

    I think instead we should start saying “don’t let the manipulation by their benefactors stand in the way of the reality of the systems they maintain”.

    I doubt anyone is expecting perfection at this point, I know I’m not (it being a literal impossibility and all), but them pretending to be “good” and you buying it, doesn’t actually make it any good at all (as I said - it’s just giving them the space to continue as they are for a fee that they will never pay, their trapped customers will).

    Defending this bullshit as the good we should be happy to compromise for serves no one but the people running the oil companies (and the politicians they pay to ensure such legislation has no legs).

    You are playing their game, and supporting their team, bathing in the placation of their greenwashing and letting them get away with it. That is what’s in the way of good.

  • Lmfao, that’s a lot of condescending words to say “no, I will absolutely NOT listen to the people whose space I’m encroaching on and try to learn about their experience and do better for their benefit (or simply walk away), I WILL continue to always centre myself, because that’s all I care about”.

    I’ve been on the receiving end of righteous anger for giving neurotypical advice before

    And yet the thought to, you know, just fucking not never seems to have crossed your mind…

    The “experience I’m facing” that is causing me “anger” is you and your behaviour, no amount of twisting things to justify it to yourself changes that, the least you can do is take some accountability (lmfao, as if… This entire thread is absolutely textbook NT behaviour, including the framing me as “emotional” and yourself as “logical”, and you’ve already made it clear that you don’t give a shit about the impact of your own actions).

    Sorry it came across the way it did. I’ll try to be more careful about it in the future, assuming I remember.

    Fuck your non apology and your insistent on there being a next time for you to be “careful about it” - you don’t need to “be careful”, what you need is to have some respect for spaces that aren’t for you and the people they are for, and resist your desperate need to insert yourself and your unsolicited unhelpful and uninformed opinions absolutely everywhere.

    I thought expressing a bit of solidarity

    TIL solidarity means privileged people talking over the experiences of marginalise people in their own space 🙄

  • I’m autistic and I’m the same but for me it’s less about going a minute without stimulation, more about not wanting to be alone with my thoughts because they’re constant and horrible at best.

    Without my tv and pc always on around me (and weed) I don’t think I could sleep at all (pc to scroll/read till my eyes get sleepy, and tv to give my brain external conversation to focus on rather than the one going on in my brain). Even then it’s a struggle, but I’m still 100% more likely to get some sleep with these things on, than I am without (I don’t consider crying for several hours in either frustration or deep despair until my eyes can’t stay open anymore a good enough alternative ¯\(ツ)/¯).

  • Not everything is about or for you, you don’t always have to chip in, and this is a perfect example of a time where you actually have nothing of much value to contribute to the conversation so should just taken a seat and listen (if you must. Again - some things simply aren’t for you and it’s ok to move on without piping up).

    You are literally being the top person in the meme who doesn’t get it. We face several of you a day every single day of our lives.

    I hope you take this opportunity to learn and do better in the future, instead of trying to justify, and continuing to centre yourself in conversations that aren’t for you.

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    It’s always nice to meet a fellow link collector lol

    I’ll admit it might be a while since I’ve read some of these myself (or in the case of the book pdf - not fully yet) so they might not all be up to date, but the gist should still stand.

  • I love Rosie and Babatunde too. I also like Jack, but could have sworn he has already been on (back in the Dave days)… Don’t know enough about the other two.

    Last couple of series I’ve been finding myself uninterested most episodes, Julian Clary and Susan Wokoma salvaged a few episodes on their series, and the one before that was quite good (love Mae Martin and Frankie Boyle, and Jenny Eclair, Ivo Graham and Kiell Smith-Bynoe were all good too), but the show really has been in a slump, I’m hoping this series will liven it back up a bit…