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  • The US is in this weird place where voters still hold nearly all the power in elections, but nobody feels like their vote matters because they never get what they want. This is by design, the general election is designed to be about compromise and getting the closest representation of the will of all the country that one person can possibly hope to be. Biden and Trump are who the averaged (Voting) American thinks should run the country whether you like it or not.

    Primaries are for making statements to the candidates and the country then general elections are where, in a democratic system with a one person branch of government and multiple parties, you will almost certainly have to compromise at least a little because somewhere in the process your perfect ideals were overruled.

    Not voting when able is throwing away any right to complain, if you didn’t exercise your right to representation in the primary, then you voluntarily waived any standing to complain about the general election candidates, but should still choose one as this is the only step in the presidential election process where one candidate is guaranteed to lead the country and not voting is again throwing away your most accessible tool for representation.

    This doesn’t mean you aren’t able to take other actions to influence policy after an election like protest, demonstrations, or even seeking some level of office yourself.

    This needs to be more known, Not voting isn’t protesting a candidate, it’s only hurting those who agree with you most.

    Third party is only slightly less useless with our current election system, at least it exercises ones representation, but is counter intuitive as it also makes whichever of the larger two parties that more closely aligns with you less likely to win. And this becomes more and more true the larger the 3rd party becomes and skews the whole point about the president being the averaged choice away from the center. Currently it’s better to influence one of the major parties instead similar to what we’ve seen with the democratic party and unions and the republican party and authoritarianism.

  • “Nature” doesn’t have any rigid set of rules that push us to be anything specific, in fact it’s very much the opposite resulting in evolution and adaptation that is constantly interfering with the traits getting passed down. Sure we have biological mechanisms resulting from this that will reward us for things that tend to increase the population over time, because individuals that didn’t were unlikely to reproduce, but even those aren’t consistent from individual to individual, and are regularly suppressed and regulated in response to changing environments as would be seen in nature. Nature is constantly and relentlessly progressing, it’s just slow on a human timescale.

    Science and nature are not forcing you or anyone to be misogynistic, that’s just the excuse many have decided to use so they don’t have to confront themselves or the complicated societal issues behind it.

  • It’s not just moderate Dems, ANYONE that thinks not voting in protest (voting third party is slightly different but almost as bad in our current system) in the us general election is sending a message has a misunderstanding of the mechanisms of our elections especially those whose ideals are not mainstream. Participation is essential for a healthy democracy, and not participating is forfeiting one’s ideals and influence. It should be obvious that political campaigns aren’t likely to cater towards ideas that nobody visibly supports and risk alienating groups that reliably turn out to vote. None of this is any one person’s fault, but leftist refusing to vote only serves to shift the representation that much further right each election and spite the effort of other voters on the left, especially so if those withholding votes didn’t participate in primaries and vital local elections. It’s also very important to realise that this is very slow and can take decades.

    In essence, each election skipped, no matter how small, is like your friends getting pizza for the party, and when they ask what you want, you say something like “It doesn’t matter to me, anything is fine.” But then when those friends come back with a pizza you really don’t like such as pineapple pizza, which most of the friend group asked for then it’s hard to blame them. And it’s certainly not helpful to get mad and announce that because you don’t like it you aren’t going to tell them what you want next time either. You will only ever get what you want by pure chance this way and it’s very unlikely to happen if your favourite pizza happens to be anchovie or barbeque chicken.

    The Americans that participated chose Biden and trump And it turns out a lot of them want or are okay with fascism if they realise it or not, and have propelled trump. Biden has to consider those reliable voters on the right that are alienated by this if he wants to be re-elected

    Do the leftist come out to push back and fight against the influence of the right simply by voting? Or do they do nothing and let things get worse because the rest of the people that put the effort in and participated in democracy didn’t choose what they wanted. I hope you can see that it really is the fellow progressives that this mindset hurts the most.

  • Re-evaluate your news sources, ‘Open border policy’ is a scary phrase right biased publications created themselves and are calling any border policy that doesn’t involve the wall being completed. The left isn’t calling for that, It’s a strawman for people that don’t know the actual border policies.

    Could you explain to me what woke even means?