Hello! I’m a lemony mouse girl named Millie. I like having fun, I like spreading love and warmth, I like art and music and video games and movies and culture. And I’m also trans, she/her pls

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Favorite Underrated Games/Hidden Gems in Retro Consoles

I love the classics, but I REALLY love the feeling of discovering something that feels a little more hidden or delving down someone’s absolute favorite game that they don’t get to talk about with many people. …

This is a really wholesome article. I think the insights about the simpler game design forcing out unnecessary frustration is really telling especially considering how hard developers try to make games easier and ‘more convenient’ these days. But instead of tackling it through preventing discouragement, its often done by stripping away features and the core parts of a game that make them great (Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee comes to mind) when instead that approach just ends up leaving games feeling a bit… soulless?

What retro games have your favorite box art?

This can be extended to promotional art too. The one that immediately jumps out in my mind is Final Fantasy Tactics Advance because of the absolutely stunning color contrast it has going on. Doom’s is also just iconic. Lots of really great art out there and I’d love to hear others’ opinions on their…