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I did cs50 last year thought it was really good. I think it gives you a good foundation. What you learn depends on what you want to do. From the other comments it sounds like you’re interested in web stuff. Web is confusing because you can use any programming language for the back end, and there will be multiple frameworks for each language. I think what is quite popular at the moment is typescript and vue.js. I recommend you have an idea of some simple project to work on, like a personal blog page, then follow a tutorial to build it. Then look at different ways of doing the same goal. Then work on a slightly harder goal like an SPA or something.

I use lineage, and I stopped using google play store and google play services. I use fdroid as my app store, if there’s an app i really need that’s not on fdroid I just download the APK and install manually.

Couple of apps I use:

  • protonmail instead of gmail
  • aegis instead of google authenticator (available on fdroid)
  • signal (download the apk)
  • telegram (available on fdroid)
  • redmoon (available on fdroid)
  • VLC (available on fdroid)
  • pdf viewer plus (available on fdroid)
  • newpipe instead of youtube (need to add the newpipe repo to fdroid)