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  • I cant test this, but should it be something like:

    # Example button configuration
      - platform: template
        name: Livingroom Lazy Mood 1
        id: my_button
        # Optional variables:
        icon: "mdi:emoticon-outline"
          - logger.log: "Button 1 pressed"
      - platform: template
        name: Livingroom Lazy Mood 2
        id: my_button2
        # Optional variables:
        icon: "mdi:emoticon-outline"
          - logger.log: "Button 2 pressed"

    As for the other thing, that might be something you need to write your own driver for? if you need some inspiration, this repo has a driver for mitsubishi heatpumps, which does something similar (read/write to a uart): https://github.com/echavet/MitsubishiCN105ESPHome

  • They both allow dropping the tramsmit power below 4w, but who knows what they level actually transmit at. If i were using them for anything more than listening to air-traffic control and the occasional road trip i would be a lot more concerned.

    My point about the power was that all else being equal, more power is more range. And given the illegal radios way out power yours, but still dont get decent range is a good indication of how bad their antennas are.

    Almost every radio reviewer tests line-of-sight range, which is almost always pretty good, so it ends up being meaningless.

  • The sha256 only validates file integrity, it doesnt ensure legitimacy. A malicious actor would replace both the iso and the checksum at the same time.

    Only the signature ensures legitimacy, but properly setting up the chain of trust is near impossible anyway without meeting face-to-face with the iso signer.