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  • Whatever Christie is doing, it’s aimed for after the election. I think he’s simply raising his profile for either a talking head spot on a network or a leadership role in the party post-Trump. I think he seriously underestimates the degree to which the party has shifted hard right, though.

    Whatever ends up happening, it is going to be wildly entertaining seeing Christie trash Trump at the debates. I think he’ll ridicule Trump for not even having the guts to be present for the debates, and that may trigger Trump to start participating.

  • I don’t think people really understand that reddit is an 18 year old product. Their original site was iterated on for 10 years before they stopped building on it.

    Lemmy will get there and beyond. As the fediverse attracts more users, it will also attract more contributors. I’m starting to learn Rust myself in hopes I can contribute to the project at some point down the line.

  • Please for anyone reading, just be patient. Keep posting and commenting and it WILL grow. There are only like 1.2 million Lemmy users versus hundreds of millions of redditors.

    If you follow the 90-9-1 rule, that leaves very few actual contributors and still Lemmy has a lot of good content daily. Just be patient and it will come.