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  • I think that’s sort of the point. Sort of a two pronged approach…

    On one hand…The US Oligarchs are running out of cheap labor. This is literally their solution. Force a ban on abortions and contraceptives and you’ll see a spike of pregnancies, the unwanted children will hinder their unready families from better opportunities, and pretty much force them to work lower paid and hourly positions.

    On the other hand, by forcing more US citizens to have kids, you’ll have cheap labor, allowing you to ban “illegal immigrants”.

  • I’m shocked that this still exists. I would have thought that Nazi Germany would have done everything in their power to see that it was erased.

    Edit: Holy shit! The history of this!

    From Wikipedia: "Censorship laws were enacted in reaction to films like Anders als die Andern and by October 1920 only doctors and medical researchers could view it. Prints of the film were among the many “decadent” works burned by the Nazis after they came to power in 1933. "


    “This film, along with other moral and sexual enlightenment films, incited a cultural debate in Germany.[5] Shortly after the premiere, conservative Catholic, Protestant, and antisemitic groups started to protest and disturb the public screenings.[10] Conservative and reactionary sides called for a reintroduction of censorship policy, claiming that they wanted to protect young people.”

    “In response to this controversy, censorship laws for cinema were re-launched in the Weimar Republic. These new film censorship laws were entitled the Reichslichtspielgesetz (Reich Cinema Act), and they were reinstated on May 12, 1920.”

    “The judgment was that the film was biased towards Paragraph 175 and thus presents a one-sided view, confuses young audiences about homosexuality, and can be used for the recruitment of underage viewers to become homosexuals.[10] The film was banned in several cities, including Munich and Stuttgart.[11] Many copies of the film were destroyed after the film was banned and performances were restricted, only being allowed to be shown to preapproved groups such as doctors and other medical professionals in educational and scientific institutions.”

  • “Limitations foster creativity.”

    100% agree. But there’s no reason to limit innovation because some people can’t take advantage of it. Just like we shouldn’t force people to have to consistently upgrade just to have access to something, however there should be a limit to this. 20 years of tech changes is huge. You could get 2 Gb of Ram in a computer on most home computers back in the early-mid 2000’s…that’s two decades ago.

    I’m still gaming on my desktop that I built 10 years ago quite comfortably.

  • Your dumb conspiracy theories are based on fear and cowardice.

    The amount of people that have been “hurt” because of the vaccine is statistically insignificant, and it’s no different than the number of people that would have issues at taking any other “safe” over the counter medicine.

    Your entire belief against has been crafted and pushed by foreign actors, and your just gullible enough to buy into it.

    But your ignorance and pride will never let you believe it. You want to keep being the fool, that’s your prerogative.

  • Cletus, you can say “fuck” on the Internet. Then again, I’m inclined to believe that given your lack of punctuation or correct spelling throughout your entire post, that maybe you think it’s actually spelled “fuk”.

    And God damn do I love the hypocrisy on “believing the narrative”. Sure, we listen to the advice of the medical community, but at least I’m not taking my medical advice from a bunch of 4chan incels and facebook-addicted, soccer moms. The “narrative” lmfao, bro your entire narrative was spoonfed to you by the internet you bottom feeder.

    What next mate? You wanna harp on about how vaccines are making people magnetic or the evil 5G?

  • Yeah, people don’t seem to understand that it gets fucking horrific soon. Imagine driving down the interstate and you just see miles and miles of dead forests, the smell from the thousands upon thousands of dead animals rotting in the heat.

    Places without air-conditioning will see thousands, if not millions, of people die in catastrophic heatwaves. You can’t escape it. Your brain just slowly cooks to death until you die from heat stroke. And it won’t be just old people…it’ll be men, women, children, your pets, your friends, your garden, your ecosystem. Everything will be cooked from the surface of our earth systematically as the winds and the tides change. It may not happen to you at first, hell, your area may even be able to dodge the worst of it for a few decades, but it’ll come.

    Humanity will be culled to a fragment of what it once was, and the billionaires that did this will blame everyone but themselves. Even now, they build their silly little bunkers, each one has a strategy on how to deal with “the end of the world”, but none of them realize that their money will be worthless, that their glamorous lives depend on a robust, flourishing, and healthy economy. They treat this like a game, ignorant of the fact that they are slowly destroying their future - and we’re unfortunately going to be dragged down with them.