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Stuped person says stuped things, people boom

I have trouble with using tone in my words but not interpreting tone from others’ words. Weird, isn’t it?

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  • Aatube@kbin.melroy.orgtoLinuxNew Release Audacity 3.6
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    I didn’t see any issues with the dev-build-only telemetry, and I think the license issues were honest mistakes from a new company (I mean, you’d get sued for violating the license!). Especially since they have the beats and measures feature, I’m giving them another chance until they do more shady stuff.

  • Well, personally I would prefer not needing to pay for information. Advertisements make it so the reader doesn’t have to pay anything while legitimate writers still earn for their work. It empowers the whole world to learn.

    The obvious (but riskier ) alternative here is donations. But it’s risky, and sometimes cripples continued operation.

    Personally, to combat the SEO spam you mention, I use a non-Google search engine and an adblocker by default while disabling it on sites I like.