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According to this article their results are still largely based on bing’s: https://lemmy.ml/post/30520

I use middle click instead of left click 99% of the time when browsing the internet. You get used to it after a while.

I don’t know anything about the website, but I believe I found it somewhere in Firefox settings, though it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

I just tried it. I’m getting the same error. You could try one of these, they seem to work for me: https://mycroftproject.com/search-engines.html?name=qwant

I have my own base-16 time system I came up with https://fiftysix.scot/Base-16/Time , which I still need to finish.

linux forks. I played a lot on it a few years ago, and have recently started playing again. they have a large advtrains system, a lot of pipeworks/technic machines, and ethereal biomes.