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I don’t have libinput-gestures-qt (I think), but I’m able to use some gestures. They are 4 finger gestures though.

I’ve always used “they” when referring to a single person, never really noticed I was doing it, however my mum also insists that “they” is plural.

Popups on websites that ask “would you like to take a survey”, are themselves surveys.

I guess.

(UK) I see these in older buildings, but usually newer building have the windows from the post, or simpler swinging ones. I’ve never seen a new-looking window of the sliding design.

I’m familiar with gemini, but not active on it or anything. I’d be willing to do some occasional moderation until someone better turns up. I made my own gemini capsule as a rust learning project a while ago, but never put content on it. And I browse the community/sublemmy occasionally.

In popular culture, a longstanding myth holds that they jump off cliffs and commit mass suicide.

The “Misconceptions” section also has some interesting bits.

Another myth may have roots in the fiercely aggressive nature of lemmings during population booms, and the corresponding leftovers of predatory frenzies: lemmings do not explode.

You can use newpipe on android-based smart TVs.

PineNote colour maybe one day?

The phone always knows who is using it, not just when you want it to know.

56 is the best number. I have no idea when or why I decided that.

maybe https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/simple-tab-groups/ can help? I only used it for a bit, but it might do what you need.

Yeah this is what I use, however it’s not just for phone to PC, you can use it between any devices (although I couldn’t get it working on a TV running android).

there is also the “n comments” button below posts in a feed, where the normal clicking area is larger than the middle clicking area, so it looks like you could open it in a new tab (mouse cursor, underline), but middle clicking does nothing.

man, the minimum is 10-20, and I’m here with less than 5 . I can watch netflix and make video calls though, so I don’t see the need. less than 5mbps

According to this article their results are still largely based on bing’s: https://lemmy.ml/post/30520

I use middle click instead of left click 99% of the time when browsing the internet. You get used to it after a while.

I don’t know anything about the website, but I believe I found it somewhere in Firefox settings, though it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

I just tried it. I’m getting the same error. You could try one of these, they seem to work for me: https://mycroftproject.com/search-engines.html?name=qwant

I have my own base-16 time system I came up with https://fiftysix.scot/Base-16/Time , which I still need to finish.

linux forks. I played a lot on it a few years ago, and have recently started playing again. they have a large advtrains system, a lot of pipeworks/technic machines, and ethereal biomes.