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We should find a way to force Reddit content into the federation of content, but I’m not sure that’s possible.

Is it possible to subscribe to subs on other Lemmy instances?

Say I found an interesting sub on a different Lemmy, is there a way for me to add it to my feed here?..

I ran Linux because I had a college roommate who helped me setup on an old computer. Because of the age of the computer, I mostly just operated out of terminal. We were able to get into Gmail and almost any other site with elinks. I used VI to write and save papers. I’d go to the library to print. It was great. When I needed to run anything graphical, I ran IceWM. It really slowed the system down, so I tried not to do that often. My only problem was that the internet had a lot less help threads on it back then and when my roommate moved out, I no longer had him there to help when I had questions or issues, so I gave-up Linux until a bad Windows update about two years ago. I am back and very glad to be back.