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I support it. Studies have shown it has a positive impact on people.

Looks like they scam people out of their time.

Maybe the clue is in this question:

This works, but Harry feels it is cheating a bit.

What if the listener hadn’t produced the button as event.target?

Is there a situation where listener wouldn’t produce the button as event.target? How is this cheating?

Self Learning: Harry tries this code to toggle a CSS class when a button is clicked, but it doesn’t work. Why?

I have been reading this book “Modern Javascript for the Impatient”, chapter “Object-Oriented Programming”. At the end there is an “Exercise” section. This is a question from it I need help answering: …

Book: Modern Javascript for the Impatient

Chapter: Object-Oriented Programming

However, GTK developers are working on a way of allowing distros to specify color schemes, so they can make apps look more consistent with the look and feel of the distro without needing to change the stylesheet. Apps will always use Adwaita, but you can optionally support color themes using a special API.

One of developers said


don’t hold your breath on that


If Qt can do it so can GTK.


Self Learning: Rewrite this code in Javascript without using inheritance.

I have been reading a book on JS. This is one of the questions at the end of a chapter that stumped me; don’t know where to begin. So please help me out: …