EDIT: Thank you so much everyone! There’s so much help for me here, and I’ll recommend anyone with similar question as me to read the comments

Basically title.

I have the DVDs and I have the hardware to burn them to my PC.

But the file size is too much. What software would be ideal to get the best quality with the lowest file size?

I’m going for file sizes per movie at around 2-3gb max.

    • Blue_Morpho@lemmy.world
      7 months ago

      Except don’t do that. Hitting an exact target filesize will unnecessarily compromise the quality. You want constant quality or some high motion scenes or high detail scenes (rain or large crowds) will look really bad because the encoder is throwing out quality to hit an exact file size target.

      Do a constant quality encode at say Q19. If the file is too big for you, up that to 22 and try again. When you find a q factor that’s close to the file size you want, use it for everything.