With yesterday’s release of Lemmy v0.14.0 and all of the excitement around federation with Pleroma/Mastodon it makes sense to have a thread just about the federation and what it all means.

Some questions:

  • Have you tried it yet? Why or why not?
  • How do you plan to use this new connectivity?
  • Any problems or friction? What could make such a feature more useful to you?

I’ve tested talking back and forth in the comments, seen my Mastodon profile from Lemmy, and followed some subs from Mastodon. Since I get audible notifications on Mastodon, I suspect that following sublemmies can be good for jumping into Lemmy Posts in realtime.

I was skeptical if cross-platform federation would find much usage, and it’s still not clear which way it’ll go, but there’s no denying that this kind of development is unique to the free-wheeling fediverse and that this would never exist on CWeb without even bigger tech monopolies.

Being able to try things out like this is one of the reasons I’m spending more and more time here. I mean, how can you not be excited about this kind of experimentation and development? Finally, I can’t imagine all the work that went into this and want to give a huge thanks to the Lemmy team for making this work.


@weex Being able to comment from Pleroma to a Lemmy post is quite nice i think. Being able to watch and comment a Peertube video from Pleroma is nice too (even if the web interface doesn’t really fit this kind of usage).

Reading a Plume blogpost directly from my timeline is really nice but once again the web interface isn’t optimized for it but it’s still doable.

What currently lacks are ActivityPub clients.

I agree that ActivityPub clients would be so nice. Imagine being able to:

  • Have multiple accounts across different instances in a single client
  • Select “post from account(s)” when writing new posts
  • Write posts using the formatter of your choice, using the AP source property. Like emacs org-mode
  • Save your feed locally for offline use
  • Integrate with your own contacts application to quickly tag friends, like when you send a friend an email
  • Organise objects/posts in folders/collections like “read/watch later” and “favorites”
Lien Rag


Exactly !


Vegafjord eo

The potential is that it can connect the fediverse. Connect content so that you don’t have to choose instance based on what software you like. Instead choosing instance based on what communities you belong to.

Politicians/ activists/ organizations, can much more easily interact publicly and connect all activity to just a single account.

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