Release v0.5.9 · lutris/lutris
Add initial support for Epic Games Store Add support for Steam for Windows as a game source Add support for DXVK-NVAPI and DLSS Add FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) option for compatible Wine vers...
  • DRM free services (Humble, GOG) can locate existing installations of games

So in theory, I could install, say, the GOG version of Terraria and Lutris would detect it? If that’s the case, it may finally be time to upgrade.

When 0.5.8 released, Lutris removed the “Import Games” feature, which is something I use quite a bit. Ever since, I’ve been stuck on I gave 0.5.8 a fair shake, but managing GOG games that have DLCs became a major pain in the ass. Before then, you could install the game and its DLCs manually and then have Lutris import the installed game. Not perfect, but it worked. After 0.5.8 you could either have Lutris install just the base game, or you could install the game and DLCs like before, but then you would have no way of importing the game into Lutris. Neither options were ideal. Maybe 0.5.9 finally fixes that.

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