food packaging info

It’s great that we can see on packaging if the eggs we buy are from chickens tortured in a pit of despair, or ones better cared for.

But consumers’ information so still bdly restricted. Imagine the changes shops would have to make if they were forced to show on the label/tag

  • the profit margin for that item
  • the date if was made (especially for perishables which are often not as fresh as they look)
  • whether the price has changed in the last month, and what the price used to be
  • for meat: what have they been feeding it
  • for grain: what incecticides have been sprayed on the landscape
  • how big is the company producing the product (in number of staff, in annual profit, or in land)
  • etc

These are all just example. I wouldn’t propose doing all of them. But even a small bit of information, be it hidden or revealed, can make a big difference.

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