The first time people here saw a sinkhole, they thought a small asteroid had slammed into the Dead Sea’s salt-encrusted shore.


All of the middle east is pretty much doomed. The Syria war is/was really just the beginning of the climate wars sadly.


You are right. Just as another example, Egypt with it’s 100,000,000 citizens relies on the Nile river for 97% of it’s drinking water. Drinking water availability and quality is already poor and will get worse once Ethiopia starts filling up their Grand Renaissance Dam effectively gaining control of the river’s flow downstream. Egypt is basically a bomb waiting to explode.

This is the place for discussing the potential collapse of modern civilization and the environment.

Collapse, in this context, refers to the significant loss of an established level or complexity towards a much simpler state. It can occur differently within many areas, orderly or chaotically, and be willing or unwilling. It does not necessarily imply human extinction or a singular, global event. Although, the longer the duration, the more it resembles a ‘decline’ instead of collapse.


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