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r/CollapseScience: A place to share new (and old) scientific studies related to collapse and the discussion of them. Now with a wiki!

This wiki is relatively new but it is already an extensive resource so I thought you people might like this.


Wow! That’s a very interesting FAQ about, at the moment, climate change topic!

This is the place for discussing the potential collapse of modern civilization and the environment.

Collapse, in this context, refers to the significant loss of an established level or complexity towards a much simpler state. It can occur differently within many areas, orderly or chaotically, and be willing or unwilling. It does not necessarily imply human extinction or a singular, global event. Although, the longer the duration, the more it resembles a ‘decline’ instead of collapse.


1 - Remember the human

2 - Link posts should come from a reputable source

3 - All opinions are allowed but discussion must be in good faith.

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