For more information, visit: https://www.ptc.com/products/developertools/objectada

There is some very key information missing on that site unless I’m completely blind (and Ctrl+F is as blind as I am): pricing.


Well in the article it says License pricing for new customers is available on request.

It’s a bit of an old habit of the Ada compiler builders to always make you contact sales first. Feels like from a different time… 🙄


There is also available free version for FOSS developers, you have to contact with Shawn Fanning, sfanning@ptc.com for it. As far I remember, the developer of Globe-3D is using that version of ObjectAda.

And contact sales, that’s standard :) AdaCore is doing that same with GNAT Pro.


I can’t imagine why Ada isn’t getting wide adoption…

Ada programming language. For memory safe multi task programming, elegant embedded bit fiddling and everything else in a readable way

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