lemmy client for Deno

Any plans on making a port of lemmy-js-client to Deno (https://deno.land/) ?

Sorry maybe a stupid question but why? I mean there’s already a web client we’re typing on, and other clients would be cool (CLI, TUI, GUI) but why do javascript at all? Lemmy is already written in rust which is static typed, so just reimplementing the same logic in javascript could introduce tons of bugs.


I wasn’t suggesting implementing lemmy itself in JS/Typescript, but just adapt the lemmy-js-client (which is aimed at Node.js, if I’m not mistaken) to Deno.

Deno is an interesting alternative to Node.js. It is written itself in Rust (on top of V8) and with a much saner toolchain and it’s aimed to server-side and CLI. The reason is exactly because the port of the Node.js client to Deno would be almost trivial (just changing some idiomatic ES6 imports) and it could open a whole new bunch of opportunities to new cool tools to interact with Lemmy.

Ah my bad for misunderstanding your request! Yes i know about out Deno and it looks much better than nodejs (although feature to run code directly from URLs leaves me dubious) but to be honest i’d rather not touch javascript ecosystem with a 10-foot pole when i have the choice x)

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