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[0.5.8] - 2022-09-24


  • browser: Monkeypatch fetch() to support loading IPFS objects natively without any JS requirements
  • Interceptor: add http://domain.eth to ens://domain.eth redirection
  • Add a resource blocking system (with python-adblock; block lists are pulled from IPFS)
  • Add the ips:// URL scheme (renders IPS JSON-LD schemas)
  • Add a UI action to view IPS schemas- Implement intelligent RDF tags (inspired from “Meaning of a tag”)
  • pronto: support for subconjunctive graphs (parent store)
  • pubsub sniffer: nicer UI (add topic filter and max messages widgets)
  • Add UI elements in the settings to configure the various webprofiles
  • Add support for Greasemonkey scripts
  • Use a popup (vs a tab previously) for the pinning status widget
  • Add support for configurable dark theme inside QtWebEngine widgets
  • browser: Detect page’s language from lang tag and pass it to addHashmark


  • Hashmarks: use RDF storage (old hashmarks db is deprecated, possible to migrate from the UI)
  • js-ipfs-http-client: upgrade to v49.0.2
  • IPFS search UI
    • Add an IPFS gateway UI selector
    • Add an exact MIME type filter
    • Add a filter for “last seen period” (helps to filter out dead content)
    • Search results are buffered in a RDF graph and periodically flushed
    • Embed audio and video content in the search results


  • Pubsub sniffer UI (bugfix): unhook PS listeners when the widget is destroyed
  • Fix “Repeated subscription to key” aiopubsub message warnings