Did everyone spontaneously applaud Amanda Palmer in a Havelock North cafe? A Spinoff investigation
Right now, our most fiery national debate is over whether New Zealanders were nice to the singer Amanda Palmer in a cafe. Desperate to restore peace in our nation, Hayden Donnell went in search of the truth. Joe Biden had barely finished calling for unity when Amanda Palmer posted a tweet that sp

But sometimes, just sometimes, someone can give you an answer.

(If you remember the tweet about claiming there was applause for being American after the inauguration, go read the link)

I loved Amanda Palmer’s music, once. I still love it I guess, even if as I’ve gotten older I’ve become unable to listen to Evelyn Evelyn without seeing it from its critics’ side and being repelled. Even if it’s been more than a decade since she’s come out with anything with a melody that grabbed me, I still can’t listen to a Dresden Dolls album or Runs In The Family without thinking – feeling – fuck, yes. That. (And then her name pops up on the Internet, and… fuck, no. Not that.)

I was always jealous of the particular tone she could express on the piano. When I someday get to live with one again, I hope I’ll be able to get closer myself (further from my classical education).


Haha. This was honestly an enjoyable read. Not really career defining journalism but honestly the sort of celeb news i’d prefer.

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