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This is a masterful use of scrolling text. On my second load of the page, a lovelorn note showed up that I would have thought maudlin but for the sentence-by-sentence reveals. I wouldn’t have imagined a change in presentation could so alter the experience of reading the content of that subreddit.


In case it’s not obvious, this site/app takes posts from https://www.reddit.com/r/UnsentLetters/ and turns them into scrolling text without the comments.

Weird Corners of the Internet
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SFW weird corners of the internet. See something amusingly specific? Could belong here. Remember the odd pages you’d come across on StumbleUpon? We can live those days again…

Filed under Humor/Memes but it doesn’t have to be funny.

note from kixiQu: I post a good amount of things from href.cool and marijn’s linkroll into this sub because I think they have a lot of fabulous examples. if anyone gets tired of it, DM me.

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