Who wants to write documentation for Lemmy?

If you would like to contribute to Lemmy, then documentation is one part where we can definitely need help. You can find a link to the current documentation at the bottom of this page. Particularly documentation for users is very hard for us developers to write, because we are just too deep into the project. Plus this needs little to no technical knowledge. Some subjects that I can think of:

  • information for people that are not familiar with link aggregators
  • explanation how federation works from a user perspective
  • info about community moderation
  • anything else that might be missing

And of course it is also important to maintain and improve the existing documentation.

To write documentation, you can edit it directly on Github or ]Gitea](https://yerbamate.ml/LemmyNet/lemmy/src/branch/main/docs/src) and make a pull request with your changes. If this process is unclear to you, or you need more information in order to write docs, we are happy to answer any questions :)


Hmm, I might give this a shot.


I tried. I’m a non-technical user and I’m not even sure I’m doing this right, so any advice would be appreciated.


Please use an alternative to github, seems a contradiction to the ethos of lemmy. Would prefer to use mercurial. Easier to understand for authors!


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